Svengali Rays Lite

The realistic massive volumetric light spill title generator.

A free Add-On plugin package for QC Integration FX.

The Manual

Svengali Rays Lite is a free Add-On package for CHV QC Integration FX. You need to have CHV QC Integration FX installed on your computer in order to use Svengali Rays Lite. You can download CHV QC Integration FX directly from the Downloads section on our web-site:

Install the Demo version of CHV QC Integration FX together with Svengali Rays Lite and this free plugin will render without any DEMO-Watermark.

Svengali Rays Lite is a Video Generator. To use the plugin you need to apply it to your project and open its controls:

Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Express:

  • Open the Effects tab in the Browser window
  • Open the folder Video Generators
  • Open the folder CHV QC Svengali Rays
  • Drag the plugin CHV Svengali Rays Lite to the timeline
  • Double-click the plugin in the timeline to load it into the viewer


  • Open the Library
  • Click on Generators
  • Click CHV QC Svengali Rays in the column to the right
  • Drag the plugin CHV Svengali Rays Lite to the timeline or into the Layers tab
  • Click the plugin once in the Layers to open its controls


With this popup menu you can select if you want to work in the fast Setup mode or if you want to see the full render resolution. It is necessary to set this parameter to "Render: Full Resolution" when you render your project.


Defines the desired text with this text input field.

Font Name
Use this popup menu to select a font.

Font Kerning
Define the kerning manually with this parameter. Basically you can add a space between each character. Use this parameter to spread out the characters of the generated title.

Text Softness
With this parameter you can blur the generated text. Note: This parameter does not affect the light rays.

Text Color
Defines the color of the text. This parameter only changes the color of the text and not the color of the light rays.

Text Color (alpha)
Defines the opacity of the text. This parameter does not exist when Svengali Rays Lite is used with Motion. Instead you can define the opacity of the text by using the Alpha parameter of the above color selector.

3D Transformation

Position X
Position Y
Position Z

Defines the position of the text in a virtual three dimensional space. Remember that the X and Y parameters are very sensitive when the text is close to the viewer (low value of the Position Z parameter).

Rotate X
Rotate Y
Rotate Z

Defines the rotation of the text in a virtual three dimensional space. The text is always rotated around its own center point.

The X-axis being the horizontal, the Y-axis the vertical and the Z-axis the optical axis of the system.


This parameter defines the center of the light spill. The Center can even be outside of the canvas.

This defines the length of the light rays.

Weight defines the balance between the inner color and the outer color.

With this parameter you can intensify the colors of the light rays.

Color Inner
Color Outer

Defines the colors of the light rays. The inner color is close to the text, while the outer color is used for the ends of the light rays.

Defines the saturation of the light rays.

Svengali Rays Lite
The free Add-On for
QC Integration FX


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