Shining FX

Volumetric Light effects, Ray Bursts, Glow and Shine effects and more...

Fully compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, Final Cut Pro 2-7 and Motion 2-4
Shining FX Demo-Reel (18 MB)
Shining FX is a set of 11 hardware accelerated real-time FxPlug plugins dedicated to creating high-quality glow, shine and volumetric light effects. A large set of parameters make these plugins highly versatile and you can make them look different each time you use them. Wonderful ray and light effects with animated waves can be achieved by using images with alpha channel. On video without an alpha channel you can create many different styles like flames, rays, volumetric lights and glowing lights.

Watch the demo-reel to see some examples of what you can do with the plugins of Shining FX. Click the image to the right to view online or CTRL-click this link and select "Download linked file" to download the video.

Advanced Features

Source Mode & Crop

All plugins are equipped with a Crop feature. This enables you to crop unwanted borders from your footage. Additionally you can adjust the opacity of the source footage and choose between two composite modes (Cover & Mix).

Great Animations

Most plugins of the Shining FX package hold CHV's new advanced animation feature. No more boring static light rays.... With this feature you can bring life into your volumetric light effects.

8 / 16 bit support (on supported graphics cards)

You can choose between 8 and 16 bit rendering. This option is independent from the sequence settings. This enables you to create high-quality animations in a 8 bit sequence, by using 16 bit rendering and you can also create interesting distortion effects by using 8 bit rendering.

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