QC Integration FX

88 state-of-the-art plugins and the best and easiest to use plugin platform for Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Final Cut Pro 2-7, Final Cut Express and Motion 2-4, all in one package.

Compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

QC Integration FX allows you to do more than any other plugin package. Using Apple's Quartz Composer technology this package provides you with 88 high quality plugins and the most advanced plugin platform for Final Cut Studio. Quickly create, modify, use and even distribute securely any Quartz Composer file.

QC Integration is designed to enable you to build your own FxPlug plugins for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion and even build plugins for sale with copyright protection.

QC Integration FX includes 88 top quality plugins for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion.

New plugins can be added with just a few clicks. Drop your Quartz Composer files in one or more of the three installation folders and with the click of one button you are ready to use the new plugins.

QC Integration FX is the only Quartz Composer related plugin package that fully supports high quality Anti-Aliasing rendering.

Make Money
Create, encrypt and sell your own Quartz Composer files securely with the included CHV QC Developer Tool.

Real Time
QC Integration FX takes full advantage of your graphics card's hardware acceleration through CoreImage, CodeVideo, the Quartz Extreme engine and OpenGL for unmatched render speed and real time preview.

Professional Quality
Our state of the art render engine supports YUV and RGB rendering with 8, 16 and 32 bits per pixel.

Resolution Independent
SD, HD and even webpage resolutions in interlace and progressive scan are fully supported.

Create your own plugins... minutes without the need to write a single line of code by using Apples Quartz Composer.

FxPlug technology
Perfect system integration with Apple's 64-bit and 32-bit FxPlug technology.

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The manual: How to use CHV QC-Integration FX


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion 5
  • Final Cut Pro 5.1.2, 6 and 7
  • Final Cut Express 4
  • Motion 2.1.2, 3 or 4



  • Compatibility with OSX High Sierra 10.13


  • Fixed all compatibility issues with FCP X and OS X Yosemite


  • Now compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5
  • Fully compatible 64-bit FxPlug structure
  • Complete rewrite of the Quartz Composer render engine
  • Complete rewrite of most of the included plugins
  • All new templates for Final Cut Pro X
  • New tool "CHV Config" for centralized Serial Number handling
  • Bug-fix: Image wells did not work with Motion 2 when "Respect Aspect Ratio" was enabled


  • Bug-fix: Fixed compatibility with Final Cut Pro 7


  • Quick bug-fix: Wrong Serial Number window appeared for Add-On packages


  • Improved launch speed of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express
  • Added completely new and way more convenient Serial Number system
  • Fixed bug that could crash Motion
  • Several other enhancements and improvements


  • Enhanced speed to load the plugins: "VideoWall", "CoverCircle" and "CoverFlip"
  • Added function to easily select the path of a folder
  • Enhanced error handling of CHV QC Developer Tool
  • Some bug-fixes and improvements


  • 3 new plugins: "VideoWall (from folder - 40 pix)", "CoverCircle (40 pix)" and "CoverFlip (40 pix)"
  • Fixed compatibility issues of 4 plugins with Leopard
  • Enhanced error handling of CHV QC Developer Tool


  • 4 new plugins
  • Enhanced Render Engine
  • New: Create Labels in parameter list
  • New: Create clickable Header
  • New: Create clickable Footer
  • QC Integration is free for Add-on packages. (Add-on package now also work with the unregistered copy of QC Integration FX)
  • Added new report system in Import Tool
  • Enhanced Developer Tool
  • Fixed several bugs of the included plugins
  • Fixed Final Cut Express 4 compatibility
  • Fixed bug in Developer Tool
  • QC Integration FX now reports errors with damaged QC files


  • 30 new plugins
  • Render speed enhancement
  • New: Create Point parameters
  • New: Create Font pull-down menu
  • New: Create String input parameters
  • New: Group parameters
  • New: Options for parameters: disabled, not-animatable, collapsed, not-in-hud, ignore-minmax
  • Group plugins in folders in the effects menu
  • Option to respect source's aspect ratio
  • Option hide and preset Anti-Aliasing feature
  • Option hide and preset Respect Aspect feature
  • Sort input parameters with the Developer Tool
  • Preview plugins with Developer Tool

QC Integration FX
The best plugin platform
Final Cut Pro, Motion
and Final Cut Express


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