The Time-collection

Time Smear V4.0

Create automatically a trail behind and in front of moving objects

General Info

Time Smear creates automatically a trail behind and in front of all moving objects of your footage. The trail can be superimposed over the footage.


General Settings

Do normal Smear
With this mode all moving parts of the footage will create a bright trail.

Smear with Color
Use this mode to create a colored trail. The color can be defined below.

Show only Smear
This mode only shows the trail itself. The original footage will not be visible. This mode is usefull if you use different composite-modes with other video-tracks.

Transparent mask
With this mode a transparent mask will be created from the trail.

Monochrome Smear
Check this checkbox to desaturate the effect itself.

Soften Smear
This function blurs the smear effect if wanted.

This color is only used if Mode: Smear with Color is selected. It defines the color that will be used for the Smear effect.

Time Settings

When ?
With this popup you can choose if frames from the future, past or both will be used for the effect.

You can choose the time range with this slider. The higher this slider is set, the more frames will be used for the effect.

Misc Settings

Effect Opacity
This slider controls the opacity of the global effect.


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