The Time-collection

Time Shadow V4.0

Create shadows from nearby time periods

General Info

Time Shadow creates shadows from nearby time periods. These shadows are superimposed over the current timeframe. You can control a number of settings to make the effect as versatile as you like.


Time Settings

Time Period
Control the global time period with this slider. Depending on this setting and the given Interval you will see more or less additional time shadows.

This slider defines the time interval between the frames. Longer intervals will show less, shorter intervals will show more frames as shadows.

Period Sharpness
This slider controls the weight of the frames in close range relative to the frames further away. Experiment with this slider to get different results.

With this popup you can choose if frames from the future, past or both will be used for the effect.

Stay within clip
This option only affects trimmed clips. If this option is enabled only frames from the currently trimmed clip will be used. If this option is disabled the effect will also take frames from outside the trimmed area.

Misc Settings

Effect Opacity
This slider controls the opacity of the global effect. A setting of 100 will lower the visibility of the current time frame and does show more of the effect.

Show curve in Canvas
Enable this checkbox to see a representation of the currently used frames in a histogram.


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