The Time-collection

Staccato V4.0

Create a strobe effect

General Info

Staccato creates an effect that is sometimes also called "Strobe Dissolve". But Staccato gives you more options.


Staccato Settings

Blend Method
These radio buttons control the method of the applied frame blending. Soft Blend will blend softly from one frame to another, Hard Cut will do a hard cut without any blending effect.

The Staccato effect advances from one frame to another. This slider controls the distance (in frames) between the shown frames. Each frame will be shown for the given time.

FlickerFilter (Effect only)
In some cases it is usefull to deflicker the clip. This can be done easily with this setting. You can keyframe this slider for best results. This control only affects the Staccato effect itself and not the current frame if Effect Opacity is set to lower setting than 100.

Effect Opacity
This slider controls the opacity of the global effect. A setting of 100 will eliminate the visibility of the current time frame and will only show the effect.


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