The Time-collection

Random Frames V4.0

The random slideshow generator

General Info

Random Frames creates a slideshow of images randomly selected from the applied clip.


General Settings

Apply the clip you want to use for the slideshow here.

Aspect Ratio
Use Sequence resolution
Choose this option if your footage uses the same resolution as your Sequence.

4:3, 3:2, 5:4, 16:9, 40:27
Choose one of these options if you know the aspect ratio of the applied footage.

Use manual vertical resolution
Adjust the aspect ratio if none of the above settings fits and use the below control for the adjustment.

Manual vertical resolution
This option is only active if Aspect Ratio is set to Use manual vertical resolution. Adjust the aspect ratio of your footage with this slider.


the whole clip
Select this to use the whole clip as a "image well".

below defined number of frames
Select this to use only the below defined number of frames from the clip applied in the image well "Clip".

...number of frames
This slider defines the number od used frames if Use: below defined number of frames is selected.

Effect Settings

Frametime (Frames)
This slider defines how long (in frames) each frame will be shown.

Misc Settings

The effect Random Frames depends on a random-generator. If you don't like the random behavior of the effect you can change the behavior of the random-generator with this slider.


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