The Time-collection

Long Exposure V4.0

Create a "long exposure time" effect

General Info

Long Exposure adds up a certain time range and creates an effect as if you have used a long exposure time with your camera. Moving objects will appear as a blurry mass. Non moving objects don't change their shape and will stay clearly visible.


General Settings

This slider defines the exposure time. Longer exposure times create a more blurry effect.

Note: Enable Show curve in Canvas to be able to see the below shown graph in the canvas.

Short exposure time Long exposure time

If you like you can move the exposure time to a later or earlier time.

Normal position of timespan Timespan with offse

This slider controls the weight of the frames in close range relative to the frames further away. Experiment with this slider to get different results.

Centered graph Weight moved to the side

Curve Sharpness
Change the shape of the timecurve with this slider.

More priority to the current time More priority to later and earlier times

Misc Settings

Effect Opacity
This slider controls the visibility of the global effect.

Show curve in Canvas
If you switch on the checkbox Show curve in Canvas you can see a graph that represents the timeperiod that will be used for the long exposure. The black line in the center shows the current time. The yellow line to the left is the beginning of the clip. The green line to the right is the end of the clip. The total timespan for the graph if 8 seconds long. You can see 4 seconds into the past and 4 seconds into the future.


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