The Time-collection

Flexible Time V4.0

Go back and forth in a clip with one easy-to-use slider

General Info

Flexible Time gives you the chance to go back and forth within a clip. You can go back and forth in time and let a basketball player dunk the ball a hundred times in a row.


The Settings

This slider goes from 0 to 1. If you set this slider to 0 you will see the first frame of the clip. Set it to 1 and you will see the last frame of the clip.

If you create a keyframe at the beginning of the clip with the value 0 and a keyframe at the end of the clip with the value 1 and you render the clip, you will see the clip as it normally runs from the start to the end. The clip will run backwards if you go from 1 to 0. Use keyframes to go back and forth within the clip as you like.

With this popup you can define the handling of the single fields.

Do Frameblending
This enables the normal frameblending function.

Use both Fields
If this option is selected, no frameblending will be made. Both fields of a clip will be shown. If you use interlaced footage, the rendered result might flicker. Use the FlickerFilter function (below) to avoid this from happening.

Use only Field 0, Use only Field 1
If this option is selected, no frameblending will be made and only field 0 or 1 will be shown.

Use this function to avoid flickering caused by interlaced footage.


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