The Time-collection

Blurry Vision V4.0

Create the impression of a blurry eyesight

General Info

Blurry Vision creates a blurry impression. The effect looks like, as if still-frames from various moments around the actual time appear and go away in a random way.


Blurry Settings

This slider controls the effect. A setting of 0 deactivates the effect.

You can choose the time range with this slider. The higher this slider is set, the more frames will be used for the effect.

Duration defines how long the effect will be shown. Shorter settings of this slider will create a fast effect.

Black & White shadows
Enable this checkbox to make the blurry effect black&white. The original clips stays colored. Only the added effect will be desaturated.

Inverted shadows
Enable this checkbox to invert the created shadows.

With this popup you can choose if frames from the future, past or both will be used for the effect.

With this popup you can choose the behavior of the effect.

Close range dominates
Check this option to make frames closer to the current time more dominant.

Stay within clip
This option only affects trimmed clips. If this option is enabled only frames from the currently trimmed clip will be used. If this option is disabled the effect will also take frames from outside the trimmed area.

Misc Settings

This effect depends on a random-generator. If you don't like the random behavior of the effect you can change the behavior of the random-generator with this slider.

Effect Opacity
This slider controls the opacity of the global effect. A setting of 100 will nearly eliminate the current time frame and will only show the effect.

Show curve in Canvas
Enable this checkbox to see a representation of the currently used frames in a histogram.


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