The Repair-collection

Dead Pixel V1.0

The intelligent tool to repair dead pixels and spots

Actually this is the most useful single spot restoration tool ever. Dead Pixel is able to reconstruct damaged areas with a size of up to 16 x 16 pixels. Normally you will use this tool to repair footage that has been shot with a digital camera with dead pixels. Such footage is actually useless and in most cases you can't bring it back. If you have such footage, Dead Pixel will be a life saver.

At first you have to apply the filter to the footage. Now open the controls of Dead Pixel and select if you use interlaced or progressive video.

Now you have to mark the pixel you want to repair. Use the control Upper Left Corner to set the marker as close as you can to the damaged pixel (or area). A handy magnification window in the canvas shows you a scaled up view of the place where you have set the control Upper Left Corner.

Remember to set the canvas to 100%. If you use a smaller size, you won't see the whole video resolution and you probably wont be able to place the marker at the right spot.

Additional Offset
Don't worry if you could not set the marker at the perfect spot right away. The Additional Offset controls enable you to shift the marker closer to the desired spot pixel by pixel. The additional magnification window in the canvas also helps a lot. There you can see if you have set the marker correctly.

At the top left corner of the canvas you can see the magnification window

Size of Dead Pixel
Here you can determine the actual size of the dead pixel (or damaged area). If you have set the marker at the upper left corner of the damaged area, you will see that the damage goes away while you are adjusting the size of the marker.

The restoration progress can be monitored while adjusting the size of the marker.

If you have footage with a single dirty spot, you can also use Dead Pixel to repair it. Isolate the damaged frame with the blade-tool (press B) and make a cut at either side of the damaged frame. Apply Dead Pixel and go to the controls. Move the marker to the damaged area and adjust it's size. You will see that even bigger damages (up to 16 x 16 pixel) can be repaired.

Take a close look. As you can see even the damaged edge has been fully reconstructed.


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