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MotionTracker Insert Image

Use this tool to overlay an image (or clip) onto your project

Use this tool to overlay an image (or clip) onto your project. The image will follow the selected content and will appear as if it always had been there.

After tracking the initial points, you now have to tell the plugin what it should do with the tracked information. To do this you have to go to Mode 5.

Lets take a closer look at the two special sections of the "Insert Image"-tool:

Drag the clip or image you want to insert into your project here.

Use this setting to adjust the sharpness of the inserted image. If the inserted image is too clear relative to the original video, you can blur the image to make it look alike.

If the image you want to apply has a different saturation than the clip in the timeline, you can use this slider to change the saturation of the inserted image.

Check this checkbox to invert the applied image.

Distort Method
Distort Amount
If you like you can distort the image that will be applied.

"Distort Method": "Random" will distort the image with a scattered noise. "Static" will add a static noise, as if you look through a heavily rippled glass.

"Distort Amount" controls the amount of the distortion.

Use a setting below 100 to make the applied image transparent.

Composite Mode
With this popup-menu you can choose the desired composite-mode. This is most usefull if (for example) you rather want to apply a shadow than an image, or you want to create the impression of a virtual video-projection.

Opacity Source
With this slider you can control the visibility (transparency) of the original clip.

With the next section you can create a border around the tracked area.

These four self-explaining controls define the appearance of the border.

The bottom section contains the four points and their corresponding Scan-Range.

These controls have different functions depending on the currently selected mode. Please read the description of the five modes of MotionTracker for better understanding.


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