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Image Stabilizer

Use this tool to stabilize your clip

Use this tool to stabilize your clip. Unlike the included image-stabilize-plugin of Final Cut Pro, this tool tracks the selected point even if the point swirls around the screen. You can choose between a "lock" onto the selected point or an automatic calculated "anti-shake" feature, which is similar to what we all know from cameras. Additionally you can zoom into the stabilized video.

After tracking the initial points, you now have to tell the plugin what it should do with the tracked information. To do this you have to go to Mode 5.

These are the controls of the "Image Stabilizer"-tool:

There are two stabilize-modes:

"Lock on Point": The stabilizer keeps the selected (and tracked) point motionless. This mode can be used to focus on a specific area of the scene.

"Use Average over Time": The stabilizer will calculate a motion that counteracts with the movement of the camera. This function is very similar to the stabilizing-capabilities of several cameras. The tracked point will not stay where it was initially as described in the "Lock on Point" description. The movement of the point will be used to calculate the current motion of the camera. This gives the onlooker the impression of a "smoother ride". "Timeperiod (Frames)" will be used to average the camera movement. Longer timeperiods will make the movement smoother.

As the Image Stabilizer counteracts with the movement of the camera and you don't zoom (scale) the clip, it is unavoidable that the border of the clip will come across the screen. Here you can define how the border should look like. You can either select a color of the border or make it transparent.

If you want to avoid that the border of the clip comes across the screen, you can scale the clip to keep the border off screen.

Here you can choose which point should be used as the center to scale the point. Try all three methods to see which one you like best.

"Tracked Point": Use the point which was tracked by the MotionTracker.

"Below Center": Use the below defined center.

"Center of stabilized Clip": Use the center of the clip itself.

Additionally you can move the clip manually with this control.

The stabilizer only uses one point.


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