The MotionTracker-collection

Garbage Matte

This tool creates an animated Garbage Matte

After tracking the initial points, you now have to tell the plugin what it should do with the tracked information. To do this you have to go to Mode 5.

Mode 5
activates the controls of the "Garbage Matte"-tool:

These controls will modify the garbage matte.

Feather Matte
Here you can feather the matte.

Check this checkbox to invert the garbage matte.

Use a setting below 100 to make the garbage matte transparent.

The next five controls with distort the content of the matte.

Use this slider to blur the image contained within the garbage matte.

With this slider you can change the saturation of the image contained within the garbage matte.

Distort Method
Distort Amount
If you like you can distort the content of the matte.

"Distort Method": "Random" will distort the image with a scattered noise. "Static" will add a static noise, as if you look through a heavily rippled glass.

"Distort Amount" controls the amount of the distortion.

Opacity Source
This slider controls the opacity of the areas outside the garbage matte. A setting of 0 will make the area complete transparent.

With the next section you can create a border around the garbage matte.

These four self-explaining controls define the appearance of the border.

The garbage matte can carry up to 20 points.

Define how many points you like to use for the garbage matte with the "Use Points 1-"-popup-menu. At least 3 points are needed to create a matte. Please define how many points you like to use, before you tell the MotionTracker the initial positions of the points.


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