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Marching Ants

A tool to add a nice looking marching ants effect

Use Marching Ants to create a garbage matte with up to 40 adjustable points and a highly editable marching ants effect within you video. The marching ants will not only be visible within the canvas. You will have them marching within your rendered video clip, which is the whole purpose of this filter.

Everything can be adjusted:

Weight - The weight of the ants

Ant Length - The length of the ants

Gap - The gap between the ants

Ant Speed - The speed the ants will move. The speed of the marching ants also depends on the length of the ants and is automatically adjusted
by the filter.

Direction - With this popup you can control the direction of the marching ants.

Color - The color of the ants

Opacity - The opacity of the ants

With the next section you can select if you only want a marching ants effect or if you want to use the ants as a garbage matte. If you choose it to be a garbage matte you can also feather it's border and invert the matte if you like.

Within the [Points] section you can configure the outline of the garbage matte. Up to 40 points can be created. Each point can be switched on and off individually. The points will be used in a consecutive order.


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