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Levels Pro

Change the levels of each channel individually

With Levels Pro you can change the gamma curve of each channel in the same way as you might know it from a well known photo-editing software.

Up to 10 points on the new gamma curve can be defined. All points will be shown in the canvas and can be animated using keyframes. The points can be switched on and off individually and are not bound to a numerical order.

You can tell Levels Pro which channels you want to edited. The popup menu to the right shows which channel combinations can be selected. You can even edit the color-difference channels U and V individually.

In addition you can enable a probe showing three additional vertical lines in the canvas. These lines represent the red, green and blue information of the selected area. The size of the area can also be adjusted.

This function is very useful if i.e. you want to edit the color of a specific area and you don't want the color to get clipped.

This example shows how it looks if you only invert the Y-channel. Most interesting is that only the brightness information is inverted and the colors don't change.

Three different curves are available:
Bezier curves Straight lines Stair steps

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