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A versatile plugin to create a crossfade

Curvewipe is a transition creating a highly adjustable cross-dissolve.

Usually the mathematical function of a cross-fade is a straight line. With Curvewipe you can create your own function to be used for the cross-fade.

With up to 18 fully adjustable points you can create even the most complicated functions. The points 1 and 20 are predefined, because a cross-fade always starts with the source-clip and ends with the destination-clip.

Three different curves are available:

Real bezier-curves will be calculated between the given points.


This option applies straight lines between the points.


With this option the cross-fade effect will "jump" from one level to another creating a flashing effect.

This example shows how to create
the well known film-dissolve effect

Here we have a soft
accelerating transition

Film-dissolve with an additional
ease-in-out effect

...a very crazy cross-fade


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