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Better BandSlide

A BandSlide-filter and -transition with more options

General Info

This BandSlide-Tool provides you with a different way to do the well known bandslide-effect. Better BandSlide comes as a filter and as a transition.

Horizontal Bandslide

Vertical Bandslide
Horizontal and vertical BandSlide
with Balance set to left/top
Horizontal and vertical BandSlide
with no Balance set

Better BandSlide

From top to bottom:

[General settings]

The amount-slider only exists within the filter version of Better BandSlide. You can control the amount of the effect with it.

Select the direction of the effect here.

Control the amount of applied stripes here.


Move the stripes up and down and to the left and right with these two sliders.


Here you can add waves to the sliding bands.

This slider controls the amount of the ZigZag-effect.

Higher settings of this slider add more waves to the sliding bands.


Use this option to create a border with a defineable size around the video clip.

If you use the transition, the border will automatically fade-in and out. In addition you will have two colors. The first one is used for the outgoing clip, the second one for the incoming clip.

[Cut Border]

Use this option to eliminate unwanted black borders.

Show used area
...will show a frame in the canvas with the area that will be cut off.


The background section is only available with the transition version of Better BandSlide.

Choose if you want to have a transparent background or if you want to see the source-clip, the destination-clip or simply a defineable color in the background.

Choose if the background should fade in and out at the beginning and the end of the transition or if it should stay there all the time. The fade-in-out option is very useful if you use images with a transparent area.

...controls the opacity of the background. With Opacity set to 0 the background will be transparent.


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