The Alpha Wipe-collection

Alpha Wipe V1.0

The most versatile AlphaWipe tool for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

* compatible with Final Cut Pro 2-7 and Final Cut Express.

General Info

Alpha Wipe V1.0 creates the well known wipe effect as you know it from various different video-editing systems. But this transition plugin from CHV is different: It gives you more options, better animations and great looking effects.

With the 55 included alpha masks and all the possible combinations and different settings, you can create tens of thousands of totally different looking transitions.

Take a look at these demo movies:

Browser and Timeline

The plugin Alpha Wipe V1.0 is a video-transition. After the installation you will find it within the Effects-tab.

A transition, as the name implies, creates a video transition between two clips. Transitions often go on the edit point between the two clips but can also be applied to the beginning and the end of a clip. Gaps between the clips should be avoided.

Drag and drop Alpha Wipe V1.0 onto the edit point of the two clips in the timeline. You can adjust the length of the transition on the Timeline by dragging the sides of the transition to the left or right.

Double-click the transition on the timeline and it will open in the Viewer window, Control Tab. Now you can configure the transition to your personal needs.

The red line in the timeline above the transition shows that it needs to be rendered before playback. Click the transition in the timeline once and press Apple-R to render this part.


Alpha Wipe V1.0 has four sections of controls.

Preview Mode

You can select with these radio buttons what you want to see in the canvas. There are seven modes:

Source 1
This shows the clip from where the transition will start.

Source 2
This shows the clip where the transition will end.

With this option you can see the final rendered result in the canvas.

Mask 1
This option shows you Mask 1 in the Canvas. If no mask is applied the message "Mask 1 not applied" will be shown.

Mask 2
This option shows you Mask 2 in the Canvas. If no mask is applied the message "Mask 2 not applied" will be shown.

Used Mask
This option shows you the actually calculated Mask that will be used for the AlphaWipe in the Canvas. If one or more masks are missing a message will appear.

This option shows you all above modes on a single page.

Alpha Masks

Range controls the size of the area between the overlapping clips Source 1 and Source 2. The wider the area, the softer the area appears. Lower settings will create a sharper transition area.

AlphaWipe create new masks by combining up to two different masks. You can select if you just want to use a single mask or if you want to combine Mask 1 and Mask 2.

Mask 1
Only Mask 1 will be used

Mask 2
Only Mask 2 will be used

Mask 1>2
The transition will use Mask 1 at the beginning of the transition and will end by using Mask 2.

Mask 1>2>1
The transition will use Mask 1 at the beginning, Mask 2 in the middle section and again Mask 1 at the end of the transition.

Mask 1 bumpmapped with Mask 2
Generally Mask 1 will be used. Mask 1 will be bumpmapped with Mask 2. This option creates a very organic looking effect, because the mask will be animated during the transition.

Mask 1 distorted with Mask 2
Generally Mask 1 will be used. But Mask 1 will be distorted with Mask 2. This option creates a very organic looking effect, because the mask will be animated during the transition.

Bumpmap/Distort Amount
This slider defines the strength of the effect for the bumpmap- and distort-option.

The transition area can take three different shapes.

This creates a very soft border.

This creates a linear border.

This option creates a hard border.

MASK 1 and MASK 2

Here you can define the two masks. Both sections carry the same controls and are working absolutely similar.

Mask 1 (or Mask 2)
Apply a wanted mask into this image well.

This slider blurs the mask. Higher settings will make the transition softer.

Activate this checkbox to invert the mask.

With this popup you can flip the mask horizontally or vertically.

An additional rotation of the mask can be applied with this popup. The mask will always be scaled to fit.

-Zoom at start/end of transition

In this section you can change the horizontal and vertical zoom of the masks for the start of the transition and the end of the transition. The mask will be zoomed from the given center. With different settings in these two sections you can create pretty animations and flights over the mask.

Transition Area

With this section you can create a colorful overlay onto the area between the two clips. Two areas can carry one or two colors. If two colors are used (Mode 2) for the two areas, the transition area will be divided in an outer area and an inner area.

Both areas can also carry an image and/or a clip.

Overlap (Mode2)
As the name says this slider defines the overlapping area between Area 1 and Area 2 if Mode 2 is selected. If this value is set to a higher value than the Range-sliders, the transition area will hold a mix of both areas.

Range controls the size of the area. If Mode 2 is selected Area 1 will use the outer side of the transition area and Area 2 will use the inner side of the transition area.

Composite Mode
Here you can define the composite mode for the overlay area.

With this section you can control the color of the area.

This popup defines if you only want to use Color 1 for the transition area of if the color itself should do a transition from Color 1 to Color 2 or should go back and forth during the transition between Color 1 and Color 2.


...controls the opacity of the used colors.

You can also overlay the transition area with a clip. Simply apply the clip you like to use into the image well.

...controls the opacity of the used clips.


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